1. you have nothing to fear from your friends back home!
    american poetry club

  2. No Loss
    Soft Pastels

  3. that beer called becks reminds me of a haiku i wrote
    Field Medic

  4. Summer 2017

  5. lonely
    Dying Adolescence

  6. pretty punk
    Laptop Funeral

  7. Saint Molly
    Fox Academy

  8. spring onion pancakes
    pickle darling

  9. healing
    In Love With A Ghost

  10. christmas compilation '16

  11. Winter 2016 (Z Tapes Sampler)

  12. quit + wuss

  13. long island ladies #1
    long island ladies

  14. artless
    if i die in mississippi

  15. Halloween 2016

  16. i thought we were lovers w/ basil
    In Love With A Ghost

  17. Sequential Sakura
    high sunn

  18. if i got smaller grew wings and flew away for good

  19. sunburn
    moving in

  20. Summer of Sad
    Swell Tone & Z Tapes

  21. Waiting For U

  22. If We Are Falling / I Wish I Knew What You Did Last Summer
    Saint Clementine

  23. Fatas Mandalas
    Fatas Mandalas

  24. Lord Bendtner
    Lord Bendtner

  25. the closer to you, the safer i feel
    Laptop Funeral

  26. Summer 2016 (Z Tapes Sampler)

  27. king of the mods

  28. okay
    ghostbusters VHS

  29. quick, before we're all dead!
    Looks Like Mountains

  30. split
    pet cemtery & henoheno & brittle brian & francie cool

  31. ultra blue

  32. light comes in, you're forever
    Lucas Vidaur

  33. Gleaming
    Lake Michigan

  34. FRY YR BRN (Theme Song Benefit Compilation)
    Z Tapes & Cereal + Sounds

  35. let's go
    In Love With A Ghost

  36. n.w.o.b.h.m
    gorgeous bully

  37. Dawn
    moin moin

  38. Victoria Street
    Buddy Holliday

  39. Greetings From
    Holiday Home

  40. Predator

  41. From James' Garden / Ashame
    The Wandering Lake

  42. Elegy

  43. SG
    Sea Ghost

  44. Dear you, It can't wait.
    Dying Adolescence

  45. Azure

  46. Christmas Benefit Compilation

  47. Ashland

  48. American Colloquialisms / Two Hexes
    Isabel Rex

  49. dietary requirements ep
    pet cemetery

  50. Desert Dreams
    Dead Katz

  51. Naomi Pop
    Naomi Pop

  52. Lullaby Land
    Nice Legs

  53. Elsie
    Fox Academy

  54. Virgo Indigo / Farther Reaches
    Fog Lake

  55. Still Pond Songs
    Ruth & Trudy


  57. Nascent Meadows
    The Raspberry Heaven

  58. Bedroom Recordings
    Euphoria Again

  59. wow so sad
    Jackie Trash

  60. Valentine's Day Compilation
    start-track + half-gifts

  61. Christmas Collection

  62. Athens, Ohio

  63. Philly


Z Tapes Bratislava, Slovakia

slovakian cassette label releasing lo-fi bedroom music // run by filip zemcik

mail: info@ztapesrecords.com


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