by The Washboard Abs

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The fourth cassette release on our label has been recorded by Clarke Sondermann coming out of Anchorage, Alaska/Denver, Colorado. I remember when I have discovered his music on Bandcamp and in very short time fell into it. We talked a little bit about and we decided to work together on his first physical release. I am happy to have him in our family.

With love,




released February 14, 2015

Thanks to Clarke for being awesome.
Thanks to Warren for superb mastering.
Thanks to all of you.


all rights reserved



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Track Name: death & taxis
colfax, stained glass
my heart's been waiting for you
riptide, mile high
I long to live alone with you

this is empty-hearted mania in blue

skin stains, bruised brains
I walk alone in empty shoes
reptile, senile
my everything exists for you

this is empty-hearted mania in blue
Track Name: the way it goes
I've been awake for days
caught in the mid-november haze
tired eyes await the year's first snow

the songs stopped making sense
chained to an electric fence
step outside to sink into the dawn

and I don't believe in love
but you're all I'm dreaming of
I don't have the time
to get you off my mind

I don't know where to start
I'll make you some recycled art
I hope you feel bored and lonely too

I'm changing all my strings
my throat is dry but still I sing
chalk it up to pain and nothing else

and I don't believe in ghosts
but your face is white as snow
I can't recall your name
and I hope you feel the same
Track Name: my god
I'm afraid of everybody, I'm afraid of you
worshipping oblivion means worshipping the truth

my god, my god
here's the evidence of what I'm not
my god, my god
you'd burn the city just to clear the fog

I believe in ceremony, I believe in fire
I'll put forth a testimony, I'll be called a liar
I'm a fan of bullshit, baby, understand the truth
if it isn't me then sure as hell it'll be you

my god, my god
I possess the freedom to hate I've got
my god, dear god
fuck whoever told you you're the prince and not the frog


kill the dark inside
bring it to the light
forty days and forty nights
you'll need this to survive

Track Name: the day draws nearer
someday soon
some afternoon
I'll read about it in the news

in your backyard
you talk to god
about the heartbreak you forgot

oh, the days are getting shorter
oh, the winter's coming in
oh, I laugh a little louder
oh, I'm ready to begin

at the parade
everything began to fade

I don't mind
I'll be left behind
among the dust I'll pass the time

oh, my hair is getting thinner
oh, my teeth are falling out
oh, I'm tired of being the sinner
oh, I'm crippled by my doubt
Track Name: dowtown
when I close my eyes I'm seeing stars
when I rest my head I'm dressed in scars

I will go to a place I knew before you came around
I will go downtown
before you know it I'll destroy it
I will let the feeling drown
I will go downtown

I can feel my heart begin to break
I admit I've made the same mistake

I will go to a forest where all tired souls are bound
I will go downtown
I will sink to the bottom of the sea without a sound
I will go downtown
Track Name: constant
time rolls with the river, darling
time rolls back to you
the fog is on the windows, darling
the sky's completely blue

and in the end it has to be
that you go blind before you see
in so much more than memory
I feel you standing next to me

the morning light surrounds you, darling
the wind is in your hair
the afternoon I found you, darling
I knew that I was there

and in this city by the sea
I've found a life that I can lead
a steady hang to walk with me
oh let's get lost inside the trees
Track Name: don't know a thing
i am scared
i'm unprepared
i'm unaware of the ways i'm wrong

your golden hair
oh i'll be there
how i would hold you all night long

but i don't know a thing about
no i don't know a thing about love

i am tired
can't sleep at night
can't see the light from inside this skull

wasting time
on shitty rhymes
it's no surprise how you push and pull

but i don't know a thing about
no i don't know a thing about love

but i don't know a thing about
no i don't know a thing about love
Track Name: way down
i hide my fears way down, way down
where you dry your tears, way down

i can't keep living like this
trying to remember your kiss
replay my silly little dream
oh i don't wanna fall asleep

i'm spinning out of control
my teeth are shaking in the cold
i can't keep living like this, i know

we were born apart
too old, you're too old
we were torn apart
but you know, you know

that there are tangerine skies
awaiting our failing eyes
time leads to healing you said
time leads to dying leads to dead

i'm losing sight of what's right
you're not worth putting up a fight
this was the way it began
this will be the way it ends

way down, way down

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