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Still Pond Songs

by Ruth & Trudy

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Christian Jay
Christian Jay thumbnail
Christian Jay Fuck. This band and this particular album is so beautiful. Whenever I am listening to it, it feels like home. Favorite track: When You Can See Your Breath Outside.
Propuesta Cultural
Propuesta Cultural thumbnail
Propuesta Cultural "Still Pond Songs" is not only a great diversity of sounds, but a youthful proposal with great force. Favorite track: When You Can See Your Breath Outside.
wilt.fyi thumbnail
wilt.fyi Stumbled across this gem, am now a fan! So many tracks hold my attention, really enjoyable all round. Favorite track: When You Can See Your Breath Outside.
elghie thumbnail
elghie Honestly I was so surprised by how unique some of the songs actually are. I loved every second of it and I want more ♡
Dave T.
Dave T. thumbnail
Dave T. I honestly didn't know what to expect from a Ruth & Trudy album, but color me silly because it's a beautiful listen coated with the most gleeful instrumentals, luscious choruses, and some of the most memorable acoustic I've heard in a while. This screams as a summer album, but it also hearkens a nostalgic attitude for better times. Still Pond Songs is a gorgeous listen for the lighthearted listener and does have a emotional reward for the thoughtful listener. Go take a peek and enjoy it~ Favorite track: Captain Falcon.
frankie thumbnail
frankie dancing in someone else's dimly lit basement Favorite track: Late Swim (tfl).
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Greens 01:41
we tried to grow love in untenable soil now the winter's come and our dreams are foiled i know i can't stay mad at you but it's hard knowing we'll never be one in two we live so far away from each other now you're acting just like your mother when she was your age and now we're just not on the same page oh no
who was there standing on the lake under the moon above you is he your friend do you trust him is he even alive
Pond Scum 03:25
from the beach we raise the sun from the day we had some fun 'til the end pond scum waves will remain grey it is not just too late 'til the end my love the letters that were sent wait for sand in the end my love 'til the end bleach bones in this old skin i wish I saw you again but maybe you drift to be pond scum all over me in the eyes of the endless seas alone beneath ancient trees i'm caught up in this make believe you know what you mean to me what do you mean to me empty bottles in my hand isolated in a foreign land memories are hard to feign cold water coming from my veins feeling loose under the breeze tears drip into my drink seeing double and losing grip i'm holding out for your lips just for your lips
i wanna be strong like captain falcon flying through space on a spaceship i wanna be sweet just for you we can get married too too soon i wanna be cool you can hold my hand as we walk your dog around say that things haven’t changed i know that nothing’s the same skating on the galveston coast when i was nothing but a ghost remember when we were awful to each other can we just go back to that again i would take it all back if i could and it could be so so so good say that things haven’t changed i know that nothing’s the same
make sure your mother still feels she's needed when you go to school listen to your old man when you're hanging by the pool treat your little brother well; he looks up to you besides he knows all about what you're going through provide for your family uplift their spirits we all share the same fears no one wants to lose their loved ones no one wants to die look out for your sister, make sure her boyfriend's clean beat the holy shit out of him if he disrespects her autonomy call your grandma on the phone, make sure she's doing all right it would make her smile cuz she's alone every night provide for your family don't be a deadbeat we all share the same fears no one wants to lose their loved ones no one wants to die
Diane 02:24
diane run away with me we could be so happy you and me on the run forever together oh, diane you are the love of my life i could never part with you, love please be with me until the end of eternity diane nothing you can say can change my mind i will always feel this way about you so don't even try to say otherwise oh, diane i don't care what they see in us, dear am i making any sense? am i making myself clear? *this is part where we make out*
it's cold but i'm all right the weather is shit but i'm just fine and you know i'll survive the snow my heart's cold but you're on fire i feel like shit and you just smile and i know you never asked me to go
we were eating candy at the beach and i was playing with your hands our hair was blowing in the wind do you remember what it feels like when our skin in sunlight would meet? "come on in," you said and you meant the sea (x3)


The fifth cassette release on our label is music of Mitchell Young aka ruth & trudy coming out of Texas. Recently I have approached him with an idea to release his music and he agreed. In very short time we manage to put together all necessary stuff and here is our cassette. I am happy to have him in our Z Tapes family.

With love,




released February 14, 2015

Thanks to Mitchell for being so great.
Thanks to Warren for mastering.
Thanks y'all for supporting us.


all rights reserved



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