by Sea Ghost

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sea ghost are carter, jonathan, brandon and ian from atlanta, ga

recorded summer 2015 in a basement
mixed by Ariel Silva
mastered by Jesse Mangum at The Glow in Athens, GA
photos by Reginald Levy

thanks everyone who helped out, there are really way too many people to name on here but thank u to everyone who was there at the shows, everyone who listened, everyone who was/is here.


released February 5, 2016


all rights reserved



Z Tapes Bratislava, Slovakia

slovakian indie label // run by filip zemcik


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Track Name: Cowboy Hat
lets break this horse
and cut our hair
I hate these locks
restless in chains
id rather be
in rougher plains
I've wanted this
since we were kids
when we get out
and decompose
god only knows
where we could go
if we keep up
and count our age
we won't do much
but yearn for the past

i shouldn't care i shouldn't cry
tease me to death wait till i die
to tell me you want to
let dust in our lungs start to decay
another 9 months won't be as bad as they
we can be best friends darling
say that were sick forget we exist
swear that we're dead never tell anyone
that we're just hiding
i shouldn't care I shouldn't wait
i want it to hurt
i want everything to get worse
cause I've been numb and locked while

you could say
to make me sad
oh you could say
at all
i know you think
ill lie again
but swear to god
i don't have anything to gain
Track Name: Blood
you can hear my blood

in your hair
makes my fingers tear
holding on
to pretty ropes
sun shining down your throat

i don't need anything
except for some garish words
coming from
your horrible lungs
makes me feel right at home

you can hear my blood
Track Name: Cave Song
Bear in my cave
painted on the wall
watching from the spires
heavy, so sweet
wood to build a fire
watch it from the roof

I dont wanna cry with you

id rather be hiding with you
id rather get sick and confused
id rather not have to say sorry
for doing what we thought would be fun
i could be better than these things
if we never caught eyes at all
but terror it keeps me from watching
frozen through summer and fall

when my eyes close
i get away from you
when your eyes close
you come in to tie my bones
dust and ground
running around your door, door

I dont wanna cry with you

cause i wont be here forever
Track Name: Goldfish
i laid in the shadows
my lungs gave out below your porch
and someone was screaming out your name
i want you to know me
so i called like all the rest
and i'd be the best one if i could get
a little glance

"towards the end
was it enough to make you cry?
and in your head
could you find the words to lie?"

my eyes close
and i pray i did my best
but it means nothing
dig my knees into the grass

youll never be my friend
i dont care how it ends
Track Name: BBQ
dont make me your pet
dont me regret
the way i've cursed myself
chasing you around

i dont really care
im not really scared
if we're going there
i dont really care

i want to know that empty space
i want to shake some faded grace
i want to know your emptiness
ill cut a rug and burn my lungs
ill fall in love with anyone
i want to know your emptiness

but i still dont really care
where we're going or been from
wherever we go
Track Name: Dog 69
when i get older
ill be a waste of room in your head
and we'll walk slower
no time for talk just drinking and sleep
when i leave my bedroom
theyll turn it in to some kind of ghost
and ill regret it cause those days are dead and im still around

nothing to say for my ego
nothing to say for myself now
but i saw your monsters
i broke their backs i broke their spines
i broke your mirror
ive got back luck until i die
i didnt want this but choices go with every next age
ive been so selfish but i want more

i'll run away with you
ill pull open your door
i swear i want it more than these chokes and old chains
ill run away any hour
whatever we do
ill run away from my conscious
the guilt that it chews
ill run away with you

***new england patriots back there thats so dumb. where are we? we're in the middle of georgia. hahahahaha. wait aw. what the fuck? i got the nub nubs ~gracias a dios a mismo domingo antes de ir a la playa~? nothing to say. i will be right there. yea i just think we could all hangout more and if we're all hangin out more then we can make everything better, i guess. no roni? no FUCKING roni? ARE U KIDDING ME (dog)!?***
Track Name: Spokes
you've got yours, i've got mine
we just waste each other's time
we're just staring in an empty field
only curses on our hands

theres no silence in my head
when i'm beating on my chest
just to catch you in your dizzy gaze
turn the sun into your eyes

you don't have the words to say, you don't have the words to say
you don't have the words to say, you don't have the words to say
you do
say you'd do it all again
I, would never know

tell me all your little jokes
get me tangled in your spokes
keep me guessing at your skull and bones
all the holes cut from your shirt

where's the way you roll your eyes
thought I had it all outright
but if I could get to wondering
I would never guess again

you don't have the words to say, you don't have the words to say
you don't have the words to say, you don't have the words to say
you do
say you'd do it all again
I, would never know
Track Name: lalala
i wish i knew your secret
i wish i knew your form
i wish i had a way to keep from getting sore
of all these bloody mirrors
you whisper into my ear
they're never going far off, always thinking of skulls
when i was so much stronger i was pining for you
but now im weak and useless, nothing i can do
to make the pain go quicker
to make them reconsider
making me watch the litter
washed up trash and debris

whatever you want to do to me
god wont turn his head
wasted hours wont let go of me
hold me by the neck

i want your teary lashes whip me out of my rut
i want your dusty ashes, hope it isnt much
i want your pretty symptoms ive seen in cold museums
i want that mausoleum, Christian love in my throat

hold me by the neck
Track Name: Lakes
if theres no ocean
we'll go swimming in a lake
if there's no islands
we'll be fine with pretty fakes

dirt takes our tires
we'll admire
that watch our aching habits
we cant get past them whistling

silently we'll fade away
fast as highways go
if she keeps the light on us we'll be just fine
hating the sun

if there's ocean we'll go swimming in a lake
if there's no islands we'll be fine with pretty fakes
dead, tired fingers, dirty mirrors stare at us
scratch, stupid numbers, we're all under normal spells

silently, we'll fade away
fast as high ways go
if she keeps the light on us
we'll be just fine
hating the sun

if theres no ocean
we'll go swimming
in a lake

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