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Virgo Indigo / Farther Reaches

by Fog Lake

  • ZT006 ~ Limited Edition Cassette ~ First pressing
    Cassette + Digital Album

    Cassette tape shipping out of Slovakia with a special locally produced gift. Only 100 clear cassettes available.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Virgo Indigo / Farther Reaches via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    Sold Out

  • ZT006 ~ Limited Edition Cassette ~ Second pressing
    Cassette + Digital Album

    Cassette tape shipping out of Slovakia with a special locally produced gift. Only 70 copies available. Second pressing is in red color.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Virgo Indigo / Farther Reaches via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    Sold Out

  • ZT006 ~ Limited Edition Cassette ~ Third pressing
    Cassette + Digital Album

    Cassettes are available in limited edition of 100 copies in white color and will be shipped from Slovakia.

    Each purchase will include traditional Slovakian sweets, Z Tapes sticker, thank you note and the brand new tape!

    Includes unlimited streaming of Virgo Indigo / Farther Reaches via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    Sold Out

now they've sewn up both your eyes but i still miss you its a delicate disguise but i can see through and all the rain comes down in sheets but i don't feel blue now you've got me on my knees and i still don't feel used indigo we will go no control we will go indigo
and it all went down the drain all the photos lost their meaning never saw that side again don't forget what gets you high so you can hold yourself together when you're running out of time i had a heart but yea you fucked it up forever things just never came to light and now i'm holding on to never i don't wanna have the chance to see the world without your hands there's only so much i can stand so it all went down the drain
living out my wasted time nowhere to run nowhere to hide staring through a hollow heart we were all out of luck it was never enough angels crying in the streets somewhere underneath he's inside of me emptiness becomes a home all you'll ever know it was never enough sorry for what you became but who can be blamed? i know you know living in a hollow heart we were fucked from the start it was never enough
oh can't you see that it's a long way to be leaving a long way home and hey i think that it's best that we probably stop believing cuz time's a slow game and though i see it in the seasons it doesn't matter what you're feeling so strange to think that what you're stealing is everything i'm needing
we cut ties to live again all the places you've never been are you ever gonna find them? i don't know if i ever knew how it came to be so soon if i ever would have come through we'll never know it took time to love again it had gone so awful then things never meant to happen found a way, a little black balloon never had enough to lose now they're never gonna find you they'll never know
i stay high to pass the time burn away the afterlife trapped inside your angel eyes wasted now the light has died i have always been prepared find me in your darkest fears dream gate get me out of here drifting in the thinnest air
rusty old hands blood fills the sky you're all my friends trust my disguise i live in bars you tread thin ice they locked you in sewed up your eyes i wore your clothes i took your pills i lived alone it was a thrill you led me in down in this shoe now there is nothing left for me to do you'll come crashing down on me
i've got all the remedies let's jump out of our minds melt into our eyes those pretty lights cause we're not fond of anyone they fucked us up now we can't love anymore you hate all my melodies but i know they'll work and after church i hope it hurts you gave me misery you wrecked my head remember when you thought that you had a friend
broke even with a traveling man circuit rider in my head and i know we got time to sin before we fall in their traps again we could fly off into the sun i could be the only one nevertheless it's been such fun but our lives just never would i'm sick of falling behind black circles forming under my eyes not much of me left alive brokenhearted safe disguise circuit rider comes to me every night into my dreams but it took so long to see that you too were make believe
if somebody loved me then maybe i'd survive and we'd sit by the harbor to stall our empty lives if you don't look back then i won't look back if you don't give a damn then i won't give a damn and if you call out i won't answer and if time runs out then it won't matter and if you call out i won't answer
i've got your picture in the back of my head i couldn't focus on the trouble i'm in i hear your voice now but only so many words there's no sun now and there's no cure do you know you're special? and can you see the necessary evil in me?
space station take the other route home there's a truth in these lies i want you to know oh fever blissed her the mirror feels so wrong got your hair tied i want you to know this hesitation i store away the days cause i'm a jelly kisser i need you to know give me a reason to reach outside this view cause if i run out i want you to come too
we hung up every phone i told you not to go you didn't hear my call you pushed right past the wall you used to hide in every tone down in the safety zone now i'm looking through the door i swear i saw it twice before but is it you or me in the torn-up scene? it kicks me when i talk it leaks into my skull can't you make it stop can't you make it stop? did you just forget? did you just forget? so tell me please are we in the streets of the torn-up scene, are we? cause i'm a freak but i don't mean i'm a freak
there's farther reaches in my head but they don't ever let me rest clutching knifes against my chest cos you won't love me till i'm dead there's farther reaches in your head but you can't have them till you're dead so waste your days till you forget what's it's like to have a friend ...how do i reach you?
i just need some company so i can get to sleep you don't have to dream if i just hear you scream oh wake up it's a beautiful day to be dead wake up, wake up, wake up see my bones? they're in my heart now and you don't know, you don't know sick you make me sick gonna make you sick
ake me where you never go wait until my heart explodes these busy days they never slow try to make the spirits go to bed i feel a light inside crossing paths within our eyes but now your face will never die there's a parasite inside my mind there's a fear inside my head that won't let up until you're dead it makes it hard to concentrate these feelings that i cannot seem to fake the ghost inside your smile makes suffering alone worthwhile watch my lungs absorb the heat as ground gives way beneath my feet
is it strange the way you feel try to waste away tomorrow because now when i feel down i drive around this vacant town and as i passed outside your home the curtains were ripped open and i could vaguely see your bones they made me feel so alone, alone, alone and i'll these ghosts i've made my friends to conceal my empty hands did it work for you because my eyes are cherry blue now i don't ever feel so far now i don't ever feel so shallow you look lost in every bar i wonder where you are, you are, you are
you make me everything at once tucked down and around until i can't stand up but i can't heed what i hold dear i'm gonna take back all the nights that you weren't here and i wait so still just to take these pills cause we don't fight it keep a light lit we'll provide it keep a light lit you keep me up and out of luck awake inside the dreams in which i'm stuck and when i wake i feel so dead cause i still feel you pounding in my head and i'm on my way to a hellish state cause we don't fight it keep the light lit we'll provide it keep the light lit we don't try it keep the light lit (kane, i think you're someone else)
my friends are always laughing at me i don't know how i'm deserving but if you wait for me i'll be in the closet learning to tie a noose i'm losing my footing and the extension cord won't hold my weight much longer oh no


Newer release: ztapes.bandcamp.com/album/dragonchaser-victoria-park

The sixth release is a special double album cassette featuring Virgo Indigo and Farther Reaches performed by Aaron Powell aka Fog Lake living in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It has been my dream to release Aaron's music so I approached him with this idea, we talked about it and finally created this beautiful cassette release. I hope you will enjoy these cassettes as much as I will do. I am so happy to have Aaron in our Z Tapes family.

With love,




released July 22, 2015

Virgo Indigo ~

mastered and by: warren hildebrand (foxesinfiction.bandcamp.com)
cover photography: daniel diasgranados (carving photography)
promo photography: heather nolan (heathernolanphotography.com)
special thanks to: tyler gardosh, warren hildebrand, rachel levy (sry i couldn't figure something out), the glowing goldstones, josh/jimmy brothers

Farther Reaches ~

all songs written and performed by fog lake in a basement
w/ the exception of "extension cord" co-written by walter mackey
"farther reaches" is taken from the book "the farther reaches of human nature" by abraham h. maslow

Thanks to Aaron for all this beauty.
Thanks to Toby Wylde for great cassette artwork. tobywylde.tumblr.com


all rights reserved



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a DIY bedroom pop tape label in Lyon, France // founded by Filip Zemcik in Bratislava, Slovakia // run by Angie Death

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