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If We Are Falling / I Wish I Knew What You Did Last Summer

by Saint Clementine

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Propuesta Cultural
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Propuesta Cultural A disc that as a whole transmits joy. Good for both bands!
fatelvisdaboi thumbnail
fatelvisdaboi its just a feel good record from start to finish. I can pretty much be happy when i listen to this record. Favorite track: IWAF - Flower Dress.
Ian thumbnail
Ian Akira reference was icing on the cake Favorite track: IWIKWYDLS - Movie Night.
Foxie thumbnail
Foxie A stomach shake! uhuuu Favorite track: IWIKWYDLS - Crystal Cassels.
Dave T.
Dave T. thumbnail
Dave T. This double release has a charm for jangle-like guitars, lyrically-awkward yet sincere vocals, and a summery pop/punk vibe that will be nice for those who like both. Saint Clementine's light and in-the-moment melodies do enough to get a crowd go wild and get the general onlooker a good tune to shake their body. If any of this sounds like something up your alley, I'd tell you to give Saint Clementine a try~ Favorite track: IWIKWYDLS - Fake A Smile.
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Waking up to silence can’t recall your face I swear your voice still haunts me “you’ve changed, I’ve grown” late nights broken homes hell what do we know when the rain drenches us then we’ll grow and I, I don’t care I don’t need more information i’m in love with my conception of how everything destroys me i don’t need your help i don’t need no presentations hell your home, death my bedroom set me on fire with your questions "do you want to die? did you really say goodbye?” it all adds to nothing we’re back to square one if i could i’d tell you how to drown how to fly are you feeling happy? was it worth the flight? are you feeling joy? was it worth the sacrifice?
I don't feel like having fun not today, not with my friends I will walk until I'm tired and then look up to the sky and I see nothing but tiresome dots in the dark, your shadow vexes smothers and tortures me there's no room for stars You'll believe in what you read so you don't have to think let's admit once and for all that you, are you, when you're without me It's so cool to feel alone when you're not on your own toss and turn, you're sore, you're burnt and there's no way that you are happy And my goals are honestly strangers that will never meet leaving home to find your house tho I love my comfort zone make it count honey you only have one chance to smother and torture me leave and forge new thick scars
Sunday night I'm afraid to live my life I realize you won't see me tomorrow Anxiety takes over me and there is no place for me here it's all just tears and sorrow I hate when you make me say I'm okay (I'm not okay) you'll look at your phone and say "see you then"
I don't care whatever happens I'll be dead and you'll be gone it's okay it's how we work now with no work at all I don't care it's not my problem everything's untold and I'll try to bite my tongue when my brain wants to shout I, get, everything for free with you time buys everything I want We could've had it all you were a free bird and I was singing in my head And who cares anymore everything destroys itself to come back once again They don't seem to understand me I don't think it's hard to do maybe they're not interested maybe they don't care But if you're willing to listen I will say enough leave me alone I'm moving on I'm moving on right now you see?
I find relief in your dress the patterns of flowers they’ll go out of style one day but you can say that you were the first one to wear them and if they don’t fall for it I will cause there’s always something else inside your mind and mine is always empty or leaking We could forget about our friends they’ll lecture us about how we can’t leave them behind and somewhere a couple is breaking up, a marriage is failing, but its not us no, its not us Who’s there? Not me, my anxiety could tear apart your letters in a desperate way to run away and Hold on, don’t go, I don’t wanna be alone or with another cause earth with you is more like heaven And you have this handsome friend who plays tennis and speaks french he’s the best you’d ever seen he’s the best I’d ever seen too trying to remember all this relationship tips on jealousy it doesn’t look sexy on me so I fight him in my head and I always lose I don’t care if we are falling
I will put up a fight, if you ask me to fight but don't ask me to fight, cause I don't wanna fight I will make up ten lies if you ask me to lie but don't ask me to lie, cause I don't wanna hurt And I, I am the one who won't stop this mess I won't say please forgive me, but forgive me I, I don't wanna run, I wanna sit down cause I'm already tired and I just woke up and I will go against my grain if you ask me to run cause this map has no sense, this compass has gone nuts And I, I am the one who won't stop this mess I won't say please forgive me, but forgive me And you, you are the one who's supposed to be out of my head and my dreams There's no need for answers Lies beneath your mattress Everybody needs their little space People try to look good Black and white new pictures And these streetlights that are killing you But one day when I look back When everything's distorted I won't even remember being here Time will change what we know And next day that I see you We'll both try to fake a smile
Crystal, where are you, I've been looking for a year And now, I'm on the moon, out of gas and oxygen Will you come and save me? Will anyone come and save me? Crystal, I don't want, to be left out in space All the way up here, it wasn't worth it after all Will you come and save me? Or will you charm me again and say "I know things can suck It's such shit we'll gotta deal with it somehow And I let you know, that if I outlive you That would kill me too" And I never worry And you're never sorry I know things can suck It's such shit we'll gotta deal with it somehow And I let you know, that if I outlive you That would kill me too
I don't need your poison in my drink I don't like your friends and never will But if you say I'm sorry, I will take your hand Because I know, I'm like that, and you're my love I just hate how you are with all my heart But you have something that makes me stupid And I can't stop You may think you know me, but you don't have a clue
I don't cry to poetry I like fake melancholy I just like the way it looks on me Narcissistic to the bone But don't kick me out of your home Let me enjoy a little more of this artificial love And in summer I will say Picture me with other girls Please let me know that it hurts like hell If you're sad I won't come by But you'll have me at goodbye And on my tomb they will write "fuck this poor excuse for a guy"
Hold me close, don't let go Cause this is thin, it won't last long and It's not your fault, it's how I am: A mess And like the stars we'll shine on Until the sun comes along, and then we'll fade It's not a surprise no, at all And I'm so tired of being my perfect enemy I break everything that comes too close to me They're not the problem, why am I happy? Help, help, I'm so confused now I find it strange how emotions Take control, leave me unconscious But I can breathe, my heart still beats, so it's ok
Catch Me If You Can or if you want to try Or we could just Drive into Mulholland Drive let's play Funny Games right inside your bed I'll be Patrick Bateman, you my Blair witch Because you're Akira's climax And I'm the first hour of Hostel If you're down for a movie night with me Because reality sinks me deeper And I want to avoid it with zombies and thrillers If you're down for a stupid time for free and we play like Oldboys when we are just Kids I feel like poor Bleeker, it's a hit or miss Like the Birds I bother and I'm completely sure that you are better than Her if you Saw what I Saw you would be scared.
Hey there You are the one and only perfect match For this disordered stupid body of mine I know you're out there, somewhere I guess, We won't meet until we are prepared So in the meantime I'll distract myself With life and thoughts of everyone I know You'll be A golden soul mate according to my plan But, you can improve it if you feel like it is not as sweet as you We'll have Our little fights and our big weekends out And, we'll pass the time with stupid movies and lies that we told, before we met I'll be here, looking for you I can wait, but I don't know how long It'll take for you to find me I won't give up, I can't give up on You and me, our love to come and When its late, I start to wonder How you'll kiss, and I'm so angry cause I can't feel you, I don't feel you And after all this time of disappointments I've lost the faith in me, and I'm so fucking sick Yes I'm so sick of lies, unrequited love and cries I can just believe in you.


All songs written by Saint Clementine.

"If We Are Falling" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Josema Rubio de Cabo & Iván Arroyes at Tengo Un Pasajero Producciones in Barcelona (Spain) during a cold weekend of February, 2016.

"I Wish I Knew What You Did Last Summer" recorded at Goldfish Studio.

Cover photography by Beatriz Asenjo.
Artwork by Enrique Rodríguez and Maria Castillo.


ZT037 ~ Z Tapes Records ~ 2016


released August 22, 2016


all rights reserved



Z Tapes Lyon, France

a DIY bedroom pop tape label in Lyon, France // founded by Filip Zemcik in Bratislava, Slovakia // run by Angie Death

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